Welcome to Blessings School Chengalpattu

Learning by Doing, Mastering by Teaching

At Blessings Schools, we offer practical approach & individual care to every child! At Blessings, students learn in the best environment and teachers. Blessings Schools are privileged with e-learning for verbal skills and unique curriculum & methodology.

Why to Choose Blessings Matriculation?

Digital Classroom

Digital Classrooms

Equipped with smart-boards and other digital tools that provide better understanding of the concepts to the children.
Student Assessment


Care on individual child, frequent assessment of children, and performance of each child is tracked and reported.
Blessings School Labs

Interactive Laboratories

Our laboratories are equipped with all essential equipments that provide interactive and hands-on learning experience to the children.
Blessings School Transport

Transport Network

Our school buses are being operated across various routes to ensure your children reaches the school and returns home safely and conveniently.
Blessings School CCTV


Every nook and corner of the school is under CCTV surveillance to ensure the safety of our children.
Sports at Blessings School


In addition to every aspect of learning, the students are coached with sports to keep them healthy and future-ready.