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Admission Procedure

How to join Blessings Matriculation School?

Admissions will be granted to pupil for classes L.K.G to Standard XI in Blessings Matriculation School.
Entrance exam will be conducted for subject English, Maths and 1st Language. Oral test will be conducted for classes L.K.G to Std III. The children completed 3 years of age are admitted in L.K.G class.
On receipt of the application from the parents with registration fees of Rs. 300, the names of the applicants will be entered in the waiting list and if admission is granted, the parents of the applicant will be given joining instruction. The registration fee is neither transferable nor refundable.
Application for admission and prospectus can be had from the office by paying Rs. 200, through money order or demand draft in favor of: The Correspondent, Blessing Matric. Hr. Sec. School, Keerapakkam, Thirukalukundram. Pincode : 603109.

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Hostel Rules

  1. Every student must remember that the hostel is the home of the student on the campus and therefore, he/she should behave himself/herself on the campus as well as outside in such a manner as to bring credit to him/her and to the institution.
  2. A student once admitted in the hostel will continue to be a hostel inmate throughout the year unless debarred from the hostel on disciplinary grounds. Unless they clear the dues, they shall not be allowed to take examinations. Further, he/she may be expelled from the halls of residence and/or messes.
  3. Possession of Cell phones are strictly prohibited seizure of the gadgets will be made along with imposition of heavy fine. Once seized will not be returned.
  4. Playing loud music and videos etc. inside the dormitory is strictly prohibited as it causes disturbance to the residents. Any such complaint against boarders will be viewed very seriously and seizure of the gadgets will be made along with imposition of heavy fine.
  5. Hair colours, weird hair styles, growing long hair is strictly prohibited by all students. In such case the Headmaster/Warden/Principal will make arrangements for correction.
  6. Cutting hair, Shaving heads, hair colouring, piercing body parts is not permitted to be done in the hostel.
  7. The admission into hostel is valid upto commencement of summer vacation/end of academic programme whichever is earlier.
  8. Hostel furniture, electrical fittings etc., are required to be maintained by the students in good condition. Students should vacate the hostel during summer vocation. If they have to leave any belongings in the hostel during this period, they should contact the hostel warden for the same but at their own risk.
  9. No parent or guardian of a student is permitted to enter the dormitory and to stay in the hostel.
  10. Visitors are not permitted in the hostel after 8.00 p.m. No visitor will be allowed without an identity card.
  11. Any hostel student harboring any unauthorized person(s) will be expelled from the hostel immediately.
  12. The residents of the hostel should not leave the hostel premises on holidays for the purpose of excursion or picnic without prior permission of the Warden/Chief Warden. However, for any accident or fatality that may occur during picnic/excursion, the responsibility does not lie with the institute or Hostel authorities.
  13. After any weekend or holidays the residents must be back to school on the right time extension of leave must be properly reported.
  14. Residents from other states can very well stay in the campus for weekends/holidays.
  15. Pick up and drop in the airport/railway station can be arranged by the school.
  16. Every second weekend children will be taken out for shopping.
  17. No resident of the hostel is permitted to take any article/utensils etc, outside the hostel/mess premises and even to his/her room.
  18. No group of students on the basis of region, caste or creed is permitted.
  19. No secret activities or meetings are permitted on the hostel premises.
  20. Residents shall refrain from any act, covert or overt, that may destroy or disturb the peace and harmony among the residents and on the campus.
  21. No hostel inmate shall take the law into his/her own hands. If any of the hostel residents find that other students are indulging in any undesirable activity or causing inconvenience or physical injury to him/her or to the other hostel residents, he/she should lodge a complaint in writing with the warden concerned.
  22. Keeping of lethal weapons like sticks, rods, chains etc. in the hostel rooms is strictly prohibited.
  23. Ragging of any kind is severely punishable as per.
  24. Hostel residents who are found guilty of misconduct or guilty of infringement of any of the rules prescribed above shall be liable to fine, suspension, rustication or dismissal either from the hostels and/or from the institute or both by the appropriate authority.
  25. Accommodation in the hostel cannot be claimed as a matter of right. Students who disturb peace and violate the rules of the hostels on the campus will be expelled from the hostel as well as from the institution.
  26. The consumption or storage or supply of liquor or any sort of intoxicant is strictly prohibited and if found guilty, the offenders will be dealt with severely, including prosecution. Any kind of gambling is also prohibited.
  27. Medical facilities are provided In case a student falls sick, he/she should contact immediately Warden. In case of an emergency, students may shift the patient immediately to a hospital and inform the authorities at the earliest. A student suffering from infectious/contagious diseases will not be permitted to stay in the hostel.
  28. Residents shall not get involved in arguments or otherwise interfere with the duties of the employees of the hostel. If there is any complaint or suggestion to be made, it shall be made to the warden concerned.
  29. A hostel student will be completely responsible for all his possessions.
  30. No one should use the belongings of other students without their consent.
  31. Boarders will be personally and collectively responsible for any loss/damage to the properties and equipment and other fittings in the dormitory. In case of damage to any buildings, furniture, apparatus or other property of the school, the loss caused to the institution shall be recovered directly from those identified persons whenever possible. But, if persons who cause the damage are unknown, the cost of repairing it, as may be assessed by the hostel authorities, will be distributed equally among all the students.
  32. Students are advised not to keep valuables in the hostel rooms. They are advised to deposit extra cash in the bank.
  33. Fans and lights must be switched off when the students leave their dormitories. Light must be switched off positively when they go to bed. In case it is noticed that fans/lights are on for wasting the costly energy sources.
  34. Playing music and videos etc. inside the rooms is strictly prohibited as it causes disturbance to the residents. Any such complaint against boarders will be viewed very seriously and seizure of the gadgets will be made along with imposition of heavy fine.
  35. The room of any student in the hostel can be inspected at any time by the Warden/Chief Warden or any authorized member of the institute staff or district police officials. Residents are advised to keep their ID cards with them and show them on demand.
  36. Hostel residents are to maintain their surroundings neat and clean.
  37. Residents should not fire crackers on any occasion inside the hostel or within the premises of the hostel.
  38. Residents are prohibited from writing slogans or any writings obscene drawings on the hostel walls and rooms. Heavy penalties will be imposed on students/group of students indulging in such writings.
  39. All the hostelers are to note that electrical/carpentry/plumbing complaints should be given in writing to Warden (Maintenance) or written in the complaint register available in the hostel office.
  40. Female visitors and girl students are not permitted to visit the men's hostel any time and vise versa.